hidden Andrew’s Story

Andrew’s Story

Andrew is helping bring light to surprise medical billing by sharing his story. Like many Americans, he had a serious heart condition that needed recurring blood work. His physician was ‘in network’ but the blood draw procedure and lab staff were unfortunately ‘out of network.’ Andrew wasn’t aware of this important detail until after he

hidden Victoria’s Story

Victoria’s Story

I am a cancer and stroke survivor from Ohio who likely would not have survived without my insurance obtained through the Affordable Care Act. As a patient with pre-existing conditions I am extremely grateful for the quality care that I receive. Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I had been fortunate to have a clean bill

hidden Sha’ree’s Story

Sha’ree’s Story

Sha’ree survived three strokes. Misdiagnosed and sent home to rest at first, a neurologist finally insisted on more tests. Doctors repaired three holes in her heart that played a part in the strokes. Sha’ree now lives with increased risk of stroke from AFib, on top of short-term memory loss, fatigue, chronic nerve pain, and more.