hidden Victoria’s Story

Victoria’s Story

I am a cancer and stroke survivor from Ohio who likely would not have survived without my insurance obtained through the Affordable Care Act. As a patient with pre-existing conditions I am extremely grateful for the quality care that I receive. Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I had been fortunate to have a clean bill

hidden Andrew’s Story

Andrew’s Story

Andrew’s helping to #DefendPreEx by telling his story. Like many Americans, he’s a patient with a pre-existing condition: he had two open heart surgeries, and requires expensive testing multiple times a year to stay healthy. Without insurance coverage that protects people with pre-existing conditions, Andrew would be bankrupt and unable to pay for his care.

hidden Sha’ree’s Story

Sha’ree’s Story

Sha’ree survived three strokes. Misdiagnosed and sent home to rest at first, a neurologist finally insisted on more tests. Doctors repaired three holes in her heart that played a part in the strokes. Sha’ree now lives with increased risk of stroke from AFib, on top of short-term memory loss, fatigue, chronic nerve pain, and more.